Trabalho de Alta Magia feito com sangue animal por Napoleon Fernandez, Frater Necrosophiacos

When the blood transmutes blue , sometimes an animal sacrifice of blood
made by a sorcerer from Palo Mayombe in Domenican Republic , best we
can say in Santiago de los Caballeros, is a good form to re-create a magick
configuration, initiating like we comment a new trace to perform an act of
real character in high magick


Make a Great First Impression with a Homepage

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Most bloggers display their latest posts first — reverse chronological order is the classic blog format, after all. Many users, however, choose to build a static front page — a homepage — that creates a website feel and brings your long-term content to the front.

A well-designed homepage has always been a staple of major websites, like The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation — a VIP partner. You don’t have to be a large company or non-profit organization to see the advantages of a homepage, though. Artists and other creative professionals enjoy the benefits of portfolio sites and personal pages to showcase their talents. Increasingly, so do personal bloggers across a wide variety of niches. To give you a taste of what a homepage can do for your blog, here are some sites that use this option in a smart, creative way.

Groovy Bow Sequence

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 1.43.54 AM
Claire, the Seoul-based kindergarten…

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