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For many readers the concept of ‘Chaos Monasticism’ may seem like an oxymoron. Trying to imagine the archetypally black clad, multiply pierced purveyors of anarchic sorcery seeking quiet and discipline, feels somewhat improbable, and yet this is the strange territory into which I want to take you! As with any spiritual tradition that is undergoing an ongoing process of evolution and maturation, Chaos Magic (now over 30 years old) has sought to balance its punk rock tendencies with more considered, skilful application of quietist technologies from a broad range of magical approaches.

While the concept of monastic endeavour may initially feel somewhat alien to those of us raised in cultures largely influenced by Protestantism, the longing for shaped discipline is often not that far below the surface. The dissolution of the monasteries that occurred during the Reformation, suppressed the monastic impulse within large parts of Western Europe. When however we…

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The Ramones’ First Album Finally Goes Gold, 38 Years Later


The debut album by punk band The Ramones–creatively titled Ramones–has finally gone gold, with over 500,000 copies sold since its release in 1976.

The Recording Industry of America certified the album’s gold status on April 30, almost exactly 38 years after its debut. The slow progress may be thanks to the album’s lack of commercial success in the 1970s. It peaked at 111 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Since then, however, the album has been labeled the most influential punk record by Spin magazine and was inducted into the Library of Congress in 2013 alongside Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Janis Joplin’s Cheap Thrills.

Before his death in 2004, lead guitarist Johnny Ramone graded each of his band’s 14 albums and gave Ramones an A. “After each take, the engineers would ask if I wanted to hear it back,” Ramone said. “I’d ask them…

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Éris (Ἔρις, em grego antigo) é a deusa que personifica a discórdia na mitologia grega. Corresponde à deusa romana Discórdia. Seu oposto é a Harmonia, correspondente à Concórdia romana.

Hesíodo (Os Trabalhos e os Dias e Teogonia) aponta Éris (ou éric,segundo algumas traduções) como a filha primogênita de Nix, a Noite, e mãe de inúmeros outros flagelos.
Por sua parte Éris (Discórdia) pariu ao doloroso Ponos (Pena), a Lete (esquecimento) e a Limos(fome) e ao choroso Algos (Dor), também as Hisminas (Disputas), as Macas (Batalhas), as Fonos(Matanças), as Androctasias (Massacres), os Neikea (ódios), os Pseudologos (Mentiras), as Anfilogias (Ambigüidades), a Disnomia (a Desordem) e a Ate (o erro), todos eles companheiros inseparáveis, e a Orco (Juramento), ele que mais problemas causa aos homens da terra cada vez que algum perjura voluntariamente.
Já Homero, na Ilíada, refere-se a Éris como irmã de Ares e, portanto, presume-se, filha…

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The Consolation Of A Viator

David Myatt

 Glasgow University library: MS Hunter 374 fol.4r

The Consolation Of A Viator

Gloria vero quam fallax saepe, quam turpis est. 
Unde non iniuria tragicus exclamat:
῏Ω δόξα, δόξα, μυρίοισι δὴ βροτῶν
οὐδὲν γεγῶσι βίοτον ὤγκωσας μέγαν

For most of my life – and to paraphrase what someone once wrote – I have been a selfish being, prideful and conceited, and would still be so were it not for the suicide of a woman I loved. For not only did I often use words to deceive, to manipulate, to charm, but I also deluded myself, since I really, arrogantly, believed that I was not a bad person and could always find some excuse (for myself and for others) to explain away what in objective terms amounted to selfish behaviour, just as – by adhering to the idea of patriotism, or to some political ideology or to some harsh interpretation of some religion – I had a sense…

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