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Healer of the battlefields

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Vinland Heritage

Dear pagan readers,

Let me introduce you to a plant used in medicine for tensof thousandsof years. It was even a part of our neanderthal ancestors pharmacy in prehistory. But we use to link it with greek antiquity because the origin of his name is linked to a greek hero which everyone knows, and also because it is mentionned in the great books of herbal lore of antiquity. It is a plant undeniably linked to the battlefield and war in general as the title of this article suggest.


According to Pliny the Elder, the Romannaturalistof the first centuryAD,itsname comes fromἈχιλλεύς(Achilles),hero of the Greekmythology,who used itto heal Τήλεφος(Telephus) wounds in the Trojan war. This herbal secret, according to Ὅμηρος(Homer), was conveyed to his pupil by Χείρων(Chiron) the centaur. Achillea millefolium was…

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