Writing on Drugs: Three fabulous books to Feed your Head.

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Secret Drugs of Buddhism: Psychedelic sacraments and the origins of the Vajrayana

The Buddhist tradition generally eschews the use of substances that cloud the mind but psychedelics (which, by definition, make manifest the mind) are by no means absent from the story of Asian religion. While modern Buddhists may take refuge in the idea that ‘drugs are bad’ (with certain notable exceptions such as the Zig Zag Zen school of Allan Badiner et al.) both Buddhism and Hinduism emerged from a cultural landscape rich in Amanita muscaria, Cannabis sativa and Panaeolus cambodginiensis.

In this book Mike Crowley hunts the questing beast of soma through layers of Sanskrit metaphor and potential botanic sources, following this elusive substance as it emerges into Vajrayana Buddhism as the sacramental nectar of immortality amrita. This analysis is the entheogenic equivalent of ‘who shot JFK?’,  and many theorists have spilt much ink trying to nail…

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A casa

Simbolismo dos sonhos

foto casa mi

A casa onírica é um símbolo do centro familiar, a ilha da infância perdida num tempo longínquo. Sendo a casa do sonho, antes de mais, a casa da infância, é um lugar que tenta restituir as relações familiares tal como foram vividas pelo sonhador ou pela sonhadora durante a infância.

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