V.K. Jehannum

Planet of Spirit: Mars; Moon
Tunnel of Set: 11/21 (Gashkalah-A’arab Zaraq)
Planet of Tunnel: Jupiter
Disease of Tunnel: Gout
Color of Tunnel: Bright Blue Rayed with Yellow
Musical Key: A#
Tarot of Tunnel: The Wheel of Fortune
Siddhi of Tunnel: Dream Feeding; Ascendancy (Political or Otherwise)
Letter of Tunnel: Kaph/Koph
Gematria: 315; 737; 1312


Kurgasiax is a being of much age and wisdom, and he grants the wizard great magickal power. His name means “the Great Smiter,” and he rules over bad luck and synchronicity. He dwells within the pathway between Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth) and A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Bael), which is either the 11th or 21st pathway depending on whether or not you start counting with the ten primary Qliphothic spheres. According to Frater 414, he has a very fatherly and loving personality.

Kurgasiax teaches the witch to become a more dangerously subversive influence in the social circles he enters. He grants…

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Como surgiu o espírito nas imagens

Simbolismo dos sonhos

Georges Romey
Excertos adaptados

Anterior: As imagens, palavras vindas do início dos tempos

Como surgiu o espírito nas imagens

A formação do símbolo

Quem se aproximar do universo misterioso dos símbolos sente-se irresistivelmente levado a colocar uma pergunta dominante: “O que quer isto dizer?” Pergunta natural, legítima, mas que invade o nosso pensamento e faz com que a pergunta fundamental (“O que faz isso?”) seja eclipsada.

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A casa e as suas dependências

Sotãos s]ao lugares seguros (the upstore) onde se armazenam experiencias, demonstram ao individual ou pessoal as provas de passagens por onde se evolui a experiencia e na vida real as possibilidades para melhoras em um futuro próximo.

Simbolismo dos sonhos

Ernest Aeppli
Les rêves et leur interprétation
Paris, Payot, 2002
Excertos adaptados

A casa e as suas dependências

É natural que muitos sonhos se reportem à casa e às suas dependências, já que, na nossa cultura, os acontecimentos quotidianos se desenrolam mais dentro de casa do que ao ar livre. Os sonhos mais correntes falam de casas precisas, de dependências bem conhecidas, que o sonho não deturpa em demasia. Nos sonhos mais importantes, a casa simboliza a casa em geral.

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Working with Recent Ancestors

The Blog of Baphomet

In my recent re-exploring of the Ma’at current, I have been struck by the importance of how we work with concepts of balance and time within the magical project of personal and collective alchemy.  As already considered, for me part of the genius of Nema’s work is the way in which the scales of Ma’at seek balance in the present by consciously engaging with the future (as embodied by N’Aton), and the history of our primal drives (the forgotten ones).

maat-scales The moment of Truth

As part of my day-job I run a small family therapy clinic that aims to help groups of people consider how they communicate with each other. When I sit with families of all different shapes and sizes (some formed by biology and others by intention), I try to invite them to be curious about how they connect to each other and also whether there are ways…

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