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Creating a Dark Web – Deep web website

A Salt and Ice Non Technological Games for Chaos Residents and Visitors

Cyber Security

Darket-website Darket-website

As we discussed before the difference between Surface web, Dark web and Deep web. In dark web Tor is used and it allows anyone to access websites with anonymity.

If you want to create your own anonymous website or convert an existing website into dark web website, you can do so by creating a hidden service Tor site. Your website will run within Tor. Only people using Tor can access it.

People create dark web websites for trading stuff or a website like wikileaks as political activists in repressive countries. As per digital forensics course experts most of trading done in dark web is done via bit coins or sites like PayPal.

This tutorial is purely for educational purposes and will focus on setting up a hidden Tor site on Debian Linux. Note, that the tutorial only tells you how to set up website on TOR network. If your…

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Qliphothic Sphereworking Rites

In the Month ov Moloch I suggest that omni spherae conjuratio le start*
Current 218

V.K. Jehannum

This article will be finished incrementally, and it will include self-initiation rites for all ten spheres of the Qliphoth. Go to my website’s new “Qliphothic Self-Initiation” category every once in a while for updates on this and the previous article. Non-Qliphothic Sphereworkings and Pathworkings (i.e. Initiations through the Tunnels of Set) will be coming out soon, all free and publicly available forever (someone had to do this).

These rites use some chants that I did not write. Future updates to this article will include a source list, but for now, all non-original chants and formulae excluding those from The Book of Sitra Achra can be found in the magickal chants section of my website and often elsewhere on my blog with their sources cited.

Self-Initiation through a planetary sphere has the same basic effects regardless of whether said planetary sphere is accessed through the Sephiroth, Qliphoth, Tree of Wyrd, or even…

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The Gods for this Century: Hails !!

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I have a modest proposal | The House of Vines [Reblog]

The Way of the Transgressor is Hard

There’s a war of verbiage within paganism. It’s between those called hard polytheists who believe the Gods are real, live, individual Entities, and — I don’t know, everybody who doesn’t believe that, I guess.

In the post linked to below Sannion proposes that hard polytheists should go offline for the month of July. Since this war of logorrhea isn’t accomplishing anything or getting resolved whatsoever — just … say … nothing. I think this is a fine idea, and I’m a hard polytheist, but then it’s hard these days to find a sorcerer or magician who in a sense isn’t. That the Spirits are real is the in point of view in the magical world, as opposed to the pagan world, where things are just effed up beyond belief.

I don’t think such a war, waged with meandering masses of verbal treacle, could ever happen in the magical community. There…

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Magickal Hymn to the Infernal Divine

Instinctive Daemonic-Divine Goetia to call upom infernalis circle for the
exterior commands, completing the Qyinite-Qliphotic operative magick

V.K. Jehannum

Magickal hymns can be used as spiritual exercises in and of themselves, being recited for either guidance or self-empowerment, or they can be incorporated into rituals. This hymn calls out to some of the most prominent among the Infernal Divine.

First, the term Drakosophia is a moniker for the black magickal current which underlies all paradigms of LHP demon magick– from Traditional Demonolatry to Luciferian Atheism. It’s inspired by the term Theosophia, being the concept of a single undercurrent beneath all religion. This is not dualism– I am certain that Drakosophia is just the aspect of Theosophia that we of the Black Lodge work with together, whether we know it or not.

72 Spirits of the Goetia are entreated. The 72 once appeared to my mentor as a single dragon, and “Goetikon” is one of the invented magickal names I have consecrated for reference to this entity.

Thereafter, the 11…

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De Profundis: arregaçando as mangas pelo gótico nacional


Paraiso pra gente O Paraiso pra gente o que é que é? Um porãozinho, luzes apagadas, um palquinho, uma bandinha tocando e a gente ali ouvindo.

O alcance do trabalho de Eduardo “Morpheus” Affinito na cena gótica nacional extrapola São Paulo. Tendo morado parte de sua vida no Distrito Federal, sua história e sua atuação ajudaram a pavimentar a ponte entre as subculturas de São Paulo e Brasília, enriquecendo ambas ao estreitar laços entre os dois principais celeiros de bandas darks e góticas dos anos 1980 e 1990.

Muito antes do advento da internet, bandas obscuras do Planalto Central (como Lupercais, Pompas Fúnebres e Políbias) passaram a fazer parte do repertório paulistano graças às resenhas e matérias de seus vários zines (Gnose, Nada, Gothic Party, Atmosphere, Malké Havalah, De Profundis etc.). Além disso, Morpheus compartilhou fitas-demo, vídeos e contatos entre DJs e zineiros paulistanos, intermediando a aproximação entre agitadores culturais dos dois lados.


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