A mulher bambu, produtora de Libertine e Sadismus, non plus ultra da liga  bdsm, gothick, sm, com sadismus,  dark ambient eccletic, hostess de Halloween In Gothland, the halloween of chaos, winning time in branches that oppusculating the  main brainiac, is a manic doctoress or theater artist, to command the parties, inside the movemente,  growing this opus  coronat, within our greetings and thanks for the support.

Baby Blue Eyes, when will returning to the land,  we are together, Bambooland, Zululands, America,  Jack the Knife, we gonna live in Brasil…if the destiny can change our  destinations and structures in will, love is the law, love under will, and thelemites of the argentinum astrum has no doubts about chaos after the abysses black to trespass and create  another order, the new and last movements of Earth, maybe at the Middle east…
Our  greetings, and accomplishments.

Our best, and fuck the rest