2 comentários em “Lemmingmania/ Again to the Front placing the queen ISIS LAYTON in MotörheadMusic

  1. When Pyn Doll emerged from the blue waves of the Crete Island on a board his conductivity for the secrets of the old hellenika spheres of time and chaos,, we started our eyes minding the Punk Revolution, and holidays passed in the Venice as well determined to do the best show, some changes, and the original bass man returned to Greed, but in the place of him, two new women took the bass adn the second guitar to continue the mission.
    After the Lemmy Kilmister death, the Motörhead Music still sounding to our thirsty ears with the Barb Wire Dolls.
    This in form of fashion and music, with Isis aka Nora Queen, was the new revolution on the road.
    The things was happening like they dreamed in the old sanctuary, where the parties under the light of magic lanterns are succeeding promptly, producer and photographers were all around that civilization kreators of phylosophy and mathesis, had now the musical concept to continue vibrating without empty spaces, lords and ladies of chaos, since the Whisky A Go-Go, where some years before had the public auditions of The Germs, with Darby Crash til his overdose, stopping the celebration of the streets culture of Los Angeles.
    The rest is being written like the Mirroir Historique projects in reflexes of the hours and minutes that surpass any time fragment to some revival of this punk fashion transmutation, emblematic and forming a great number of followers to conduct the position given by Lemmy to the Barb Wire Dolls.

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