Money Magic in the City of London

The Blog of Baphomet

The City of London is a magical place. Surrounded by a ring of treasure hoarding dragon sentinels, the glass and steel buildings that are the statements of financial power tower over the landscape.

This is a place protected by the iconic London Stone which is usually housed within the City limits. However at the moment this monolithic guardian is outside the formal boundary of the financial district, having been temporarily moved to the Museum of London. The absence of this famous symbol from the place it protects just happened to coincide with an action proposed by C.J.Stone; a spot of situationist magic, aimed at transforming the way that money operates in our culture. On the 7th of November, a group of activists, Druids, occultists, artists and others made their way into the heart of the City to perform a series of rituals at locations such as the Monument (to the…

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