I’ve been working on a servitor for a little while that I’ve recently finalised and thought would benefit far more than myself.
I introduce you fine ladies and gentlemen to Bols – Banker of the Aether.
Bols feeds on financial generosity. To keep himself alive and healthy, Bols ensures that money constantly moves towards those who spend or invest in his name so they may pass it on to others.
– Ensures money spent or invested returns with interest.
– Influences financial markets in favour of those he grants favour.
– Increases the likelihood of those involved in financial transactions.
– Increases desire for products and services of those in his favour.
– Retains 1% of incoming transactions in escrow.
– Can release up to 1% of the escrow fund on request.
To take advantage of Bols’ favour, one must become known to him. This is achieved by placing his mark on as many notes, coins or checks as possible then, whilst staring intently upon the marked money, reciting the following:
“It is with my consent I offer this currency to Bols so that I may benefit from his favour. With this mark I ask him to recognise my generosity so that I may become a conduit for his fortune.
Bols must grow.
The money must flow.
May the Money flow through me.”
Once known to Bols, all transactions made by any means are granted his favour, although to increase his efficiency and to stay in his favour, one must mark and use notes with his sigil as often as possible.
by Lucy Swan
Dru Arnaldo De Nicola Macchione


Um comentário em “bols : the banker of the aether

  1. let our money flow through the aethyrs like we are all the time life and chaos.
    and bols must grow like the supreme liqueurs chartreuse, green and plum like the absynthe collins far ov the mortal coils that rest in peace.
    tru, that we are must thank in reverence ov the future that’s all we need to flow more everywhere .
    zazas, zazas, nasatanada, zazas/everytime
    bols, bank ov the aether is flowing always looking for our means representing the figure that are bitcoins to forge the new crowns in the other side.

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