Oh, Paimon.

The Digital Ambler

So I conjured Raphael again today and, after having a few chats about other things, I asked if I could see Paimon, the prince of Air and master of manifestation and stuff.  I’ve been talking to the other princes of Earth and Water, and they’ve been…rough.  Like, if you’ve ever played any of the Warcraft games, you know how if you click on an NPC enough times, they start yelling at you for annoying them?  It was like that.  They were kind enough, though, once I explained why I called them up, and became friendly afterwards.  That said, I don’t want to risk getting on their bad sides.

Paimon, however, was different.  It didn’t feel rough or abrasive to have him near, but…uneasy.  Instead of coming across as vexed and annoyed to be here, something just felt…sketchy.  Dude seems to be plotting or scheming or, I dunno.  Imagine being in…

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