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For many readers the concept of ‘Chaos Monasticism’ may seem like an oxymoron. Trying to imagine the archetypally black clad, multiply pierced purveyors of anarchic sorcery seeking quiet and discipline, feels somewhat improbable, and yet this is the strange territory into which I want to take you! As with any spiritual tradition that is undergoing an ongoing process of evolution and maturation, Chaos Magic (now over 30 years old) has sought to balance its punk rock tendencies with more considered, skilful application of quietist technologies from a broad range of magical approaches.

While the concept of monastic endeavour may initially feel somewhat alien to those of us raised in cultures largely influenced by Protestantism, the longing for shaped discipline is often not that far below the surface. The dissolution of the monasteries that occurred during the Reformation, suppressed the monastic impulse within large parts of Western Europe. When however we…

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