The Qliphoth – Thaumiel

Temple of the Adversarial Spirit

Thaumiel is the opposite of Kether which is represents Unification with God. Thaumiel represents Duality or Separation Away From God. Essentially this means that Thaumiel is Individuality and a very honest acknowledgement of the Self which is not weak but rather has the potential to be something strong if Will is properly utilized and directed. There is however a necessity for balance of the two except that Kether isn’t suggesting the actual unification with God as so many people of religion, such as devout church going Christians, as much as the unification with the God/dess within, the Divine Spark if you will.

In The Collected Jewels of Satanism, Nargargole addresses the need of knowing one’s self to experience union with God[1]. For anyone to reach their full potential they must first understand themselves which is never, or at least almost never, something that can be done over night as the Self is like a maze that…

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