Red Hair

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Thulean Perspective


Every now and then I get mails or comments from people who claim that red-haired individuals are more European and more racially pure than other Europeans. They have the fairest skin, they argue, so they must be the most ‘racially pure’. This fallacy seems to be very widespread, so I will spend some time telling you what red hair really is all about.

It is quite simple really; those with red hair have verylittle brown melanin (that turns the skin brown, especially when exposed to Sunlight), but they have much red melanin (that turns the skin red, especially when exposed to Sunlight) – compared to blondes who have very little brown andvery little red melanin. So even though the red haired people are very pale, they have muchmore melanin than blondes do.

This means that red haired individuals don’t tan very well and instead they…

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