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Thulean Perspective

FrenchItalinaoMagyar. Russian. Serbian. Spanish.

First somePagan musicfrom beautiful Illyria.

Christians want us to think that there was a Celtic, a Scandinavian, a Slavonic, a Greek, a Baltic, a Finnish, a Thrakian, a Basque, an Illyrian, a Roman etc. religion, making Ancient Europe a mish-mash of different Pagan religions. For some reason they also intentionally mix linguistic terms with cultural terms when they talk about Ancient Europe, like I have done above to illustrate this, to spread confusion.

When the Romans e. g. talked about the Gallic and Scandinavian deities by Roman names they didn’t do this because these deities resembled their own Roman deities: they did because these deities were identical to their own deities, known to them by Roman names.

The Romans didn’t “steal” the Greek religion either, and made it their own, like Christians often try to make…

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