B. The invisible light: An infinite cosmogonic and cosmological model (en)

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Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

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1. The infinite thought

a. A bit of philosophy…

As we saw earlier, the autistic person, and by extrapolation probably our ancestor, has an infinite sensory perception. Infinite sensoriality, perception and thought, as in autism, these three concepts are inseparable. To simplify, the autistic person is sometimes the other, and the other is him, and that because of his infinite sensory perception.

I remember as a little girl, that I asked myself the following question: Why I can not see what others see, control their arms, legs, mouth, eyes, why I’m not the other, and why I’m me?

It was a question that haunted me. Not that I did not accept the individuality of others, or their actions, or some selfish thought. No, this is indeed one of my earliest memories, and it was not selfish. I did not want the other to act as I wanted, but…

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